30.Oct .2020 12:45

Gaga Gogua: "TBC Leasing" has already entered the sea

Gaga Gogua: "TBC Leasing" has already entered the sea

Memorandum was signed among the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development Agency "Enterprise Georgia", TBC Leasing and the owner of a fishing vessel at Poti Maritime Training Center. According to the agreement, construction of a new fishing vessel will be funded for the first time.

Gaga Gogua, General Director of TBC Leasing, told “Business Morning” that the company would promote fishing in the country as much as possible.

"TBC Leasing has already entered the sea. Finishing quota will be increased 2-3 folds with the new modernized fishing vessels. The sector must be competitive and fishing must be carried out with many Georgian vessels”, Gaga Gogua said.

According to Gogua, TBC Leasing will offer the customers funding and insurance of the vessels with a wide choice. Gogua notes, that "TBC Leasing" is moving to full technological services.

"Everything changed at the beginning of the year because of COVID-19. We decided to use the pandemic as an opportunity. From next year, we will offer digital services to our customers," Gogua said.