02.Aug .2021 18:30

Geofresh Also Exported Blueberries To Dubai This Year

Geofresh Also Exported Blueberries To Dubai This Year
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Blueberry company Geofresh exports about 80% of its crop. The company's main market is Russia, but Geofresh also sold 3 tons of blueberries in Dubai for the first time this year.

As Salome Kveliashvili, a representative of the company declares, the volume of this year's harvest was 60 tons, part of which was sold on the local market, while part of the products were exported to Russia, Dubai and Ukraine.

She said that despite the information about the tightening of requirements for fruits imported by Russia in connection with pesticides, there was no delay on the Russian market, however, this accelerated the decline in prices at the end of the season.

"For the first time this year we exported 3 tons of blueberries to Dubai. We also planned to enter Malaysia, but we could not do it. We made exports to Russia smoothly, but due to the fact that this market is not very reliable, we are slowly trying to find new countries. We sold 1 kg of blueberries in Russia for $ 8 and in Dubai for $ 9-10," explains Salome Kveliashvili.