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Georgia-Croatia Trade Turnover In Figures

Georgia-Croatia Trade Turnover In Figures
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The Trade turnover between the countries increased by 49% in 2022 and amounted to USD 11 million 970 thousand. The countries had similar exports-import rate in 2013 and 2018.

Exports have a small share in trade relations. Last year, Georgia exported USD 229 thousand worth of goods from the country to Croatia. In the list of export goods, there are such products as plastic products for transporting or packing goods, mannequins for legs, cosmetics or make-up and skin care products, bras, belts, sports suits, furniture and other products in minimal volume.

As for imports, the country spent USD 11.7 million to buy goods in Croatia. The trade turnover has also increased due to the increase in imports. Last year's imports was 56.8% higher than the data of 2021.

TOP-5 Importing Commodities:

1. Reservoirs, cisterns and similar capacities made of ferrous metals - USD 1.1 million;
2. Sweaters, pullovers and similar knitted products - USD 1 million;
3. Suits, sets, and shorts - USD 911 thousand;
4. T-shirts, warm coats - USD 675 thousand;
5. Suits, sets, jackets and other knitwear - USD 627 thousand;

Last year, Georgia also bought from Croatia animal feed, packaged medicines, receivers for television connections, cars designed to transport 10 people or more, shaving products, deodorants, suits, sets and other men's or boys' clothes and their belongings, knitwear and other We bought the goods.