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Georgia's Agro-Exports Up By 22%, While imports Down By 16% In 8M23 - ISET


Georgia's total exports increased by 14% between January -August 2023, compared to the same period of 2022 [from USD 3.5 billion to USD 4.1 billion],- according to the ISET.

As of the document, agro-exports increased by 22% in this period (from USD 740 million in January-August 2022 to UDF 906 million in 2023).

Overall, agro-exports' share in total exports increased slightly to 22% in 2023 from 21% in 2022.

As for imports, agro-imports also increased by 16% in the period of January-August 2023, compared to the same period last year. If in 2022, its volume was USD 1.1 billion, in 2023 it reached USD 1.3 billion. However, the share of agro-imports in the total imports has not changed and is still stands at 13%.

According to ISET, the growth was observed due to increased exports of processed food and beverages, which amounted to USD 120 million, rather than primary products. The export of primary products increased moderately by USD 30 million.

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