12.Nov .2019 14:40

Georgian Aircompany MyWay Finished 2018 with a Loss of 41 MLN GEL

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Georgia-based air company MyWay finished 2018 with a loss of 40,875,472 GEL. the air company has published financial report.

MyWay, founded with Chinese investment by Hualing Georgia, launched flights with two aircrafts – Boeing 737-800 in February, 2018. The aircrafts are for 170 passengers. Accoridng to the web-page of the aircompany regular flights are performed from Tbilisi to Tel Aviv.

As the financial report of MyWay notes, the company’s revenues gained from ticket sale have made up 14,107,744 GEL, while company’s expenditures are much higher. Moreover, the company had a loss of 4 million GEL due to the national currency devaluation.

To note, air company MyWay received 8,542,403 GEL from regular flights in 2018, while 5,565,341 GEL –from charter flights in 2018. The financial report notes, that fuel expenditure ranks as the first among the primary flight costs. 

The aircompany MyWay will publish Financial Report 2019 in 2020. It worth to note, that Igor Aptsiauri left the company on November 1, 2019.