20.Jan .2020 18:09

Georgian Railway freight traffic increased by 9% in 2019


Georgian Railway summarizes the results of 2019 and publishes the figures. According to the organization, rail freight traffic increased by 9% in 2019 compared to 2018. According to the company, rail freight traffic has grown for the first time in the past nine years.

In 2012, the turnover rate has been 20.1 million. However, rail freight declined annually and it became 10 million tonnes in 2018. The figure for 2019 is 10.8 million tonnes.

In December 2019, David Peradze, CEO of Railway, talked with Giorgi Isakadze, Editor-in- Chief of Forbes Georgia about the reasons for the increase in freight traffic. In addition, Peradze noted, that additional flows had also an impact on the company's financial performance.

“Georgian Railway had received a revenue of more than 1 million GEL i.e. 501 million GEL. Operating income increased by 15% up to GEL 68 million. I can also add that one is freight and the other is our service - it's more of a social service, which is about transporting passengers. There are also record highs in passenger transportation in 2019. We have transported over 3 million passengers this year through the Georgian Railways. The income from these activities has increased to GEL 31 million", - says David Peradze.