19.Jan .2022 18:00

Georgian Wine Stone Jewelry To Be Sold In Ukraine

Georgian Wine Stone Jewelry To Be Sold In Ukraine
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Wine stone jewelry, manufactured by Emocia Wines and Wine Diamond will be exported to Ukraine.

Tamuna Abuladze, the founder of the jewelry company declares, that they will initially send 30 pieces of jewelry to Kiev in about a week, and then increase the quantity according to demand.

"I will have an official representative in Ukraine, namely in Kyiv and in addition to selling on the spot, they will also connect me with potential customers. We want to develop the export direction as much as possible in 2022. Wine Diamond already has its own website, from where consumers will be able to get acquainted with our products and buy them,” said Tamuna Abuladze.

The founder notes, that she is also in talks with the US market regarding exports, and by the spring of 2022, the company's jewelry will be presented in the US.