29.Jan.2019 00:11

Government plans to abolish high school graduate exams from 2020 as part of reform agenda

Government plans to abolish high school graduate exams from 2020 as part of reform agenda
The Ministry of Education and National Assessment and Examination Center (NAEC) are planing to abolished standardized graduation exams starting from 2020. Currently these tests are passed by all 11th and 12th graders in order to get high school diploma. From 2020 students will get high school diplomas from school grades. Without this document students are not allowed to pass united national exams which enables them to be enrolled in universities. 

Government plans to reform united national exams as well. Exams will be conducted in three compulsory subjects instead of four from 2020. Georgian language and literature and foreign language exams will be mandatory for all entrants. The third compulsory subject will be determined according to the programmes of higher educational institutions, the ministry reports.

Students studying Science will take maths, while humanities students will take history. Entrants will still be able to choose both technical and humanitarian programmes.

Passing the general skills exam will no longer be compulsory. Universities have the right to add a selective examination relevant to the program, including a general skills exam.

Moreover, from 2020 universities have the privilege to determine the minimum passing grades themselves. Taking into account that universities offer a limited number of places, this change will not have an influence on quality. The reform serves to strengthen autonomy of the university”, added Gorgodze.

The ministry and National Examination Centre claim the changes serve to strengthen the school’s role in the education system.

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