27.Jan .2021 12:00

“Gov’ment takes illogical decisions behind the closed door”

“Gov’ment takes illogical decisions behind the closed door”
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Natalia Bakhtadze, Co-founder of the Ecotourism Association told TV Show Business Morning, that good communication between the private and public sector is the major problem during the period of any government and they take illogical decisions behind the closed door.

Bakhtadze noted that the business sectors’ financial resources are limited and they do not have time for incorrect decisions.

"Instead of regulating, opening, redistributing, - they make illogical decisions and so far, too many people are concentrated in branded hotels in Borjomi or Kakheti. I wonder how the business has survived and they are still active. No one is unmistakable and both sides made mistakes, however, all this can be solved through communication, which we do not have, "- said Natalia Bakhtadze.

Co-founder of the Ecotourism Association notes that the state must differentiate the regulations and they cannot be the same. She noted that the regulations imposed on restaurants in the summer did not comply with the small family cellars or restaurants located in the regions and no one was able to meet those requirements.

“Despite that we must not close the country completely, on the contrary we should find a solution. We are a very small country, we cannot afford it to meet the same conditions for everyone, it leads to inefficient management and it seems that the viability is slowly decreasing, "- said Natalia Bakhtadze.