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Irish foreign minister confirms Santa Claus is an essential worker

Irish foreign minister confirms Santa Claus is an essential worker
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With Covid-19 travel restrictions likely to disrupt many people’s festive travel plans, many have been seeking clarity as to what they can, and cannot, do. 

But, to give a better – and an optimistic – understanding of what may occur on 25 December, the Irish government has confirmed that Santa Claus is an essential worker, and therefore not constrained by limitations to his movement. 

Minister of Foreign Affairs Simon Coveney confirmed the Irish government's decision to the Dáil in a move that will be met with relief and joy by children across the country.

Mr Coveney told TDs that Santa Claus has requested permission to fly to Ireland on Christmas Eve, and that the Irish Government has approved his travel plans. 

However, this freedom of movement can only be applied to Santa Claus, it has been confirmed, with children being told that they must stay in their beds on Christmas Eve, and they must understand that Santa will be adhering to strict social distancing rules on his business trip. 

"As Minister for Foreign Affairs we've been working on the Santa Claus issue for a number of weeks now," Mr Coveney said.
He added: "It's important to say to all children in the country that we regard Santa Claus's travels as essential travel for essential purposes and therefore he is exempt from the need to self-quarantine for 14 days and should be able to come in and out of Irish airspace and indeed in and out of Irish homes without having to restrict his movement.

"But I am assured that children should not stay up at night because he does need to social distance and so people need to keep at least two metres away at all stages to make sure that we keep him safe and indeed children as well.

"So he's exempt, he's coming, he's confirmed that, and he appreciates the fact that Ireland has ensured that in a very, very different Christmas in 2020, the visit of Santa Claus will be something that will remain consistent."