01.Dec .2021 23:00

Kazakhstan Lacks almost 4 Thousand Doctors

Kazakhstan Lacks almost 4 Thousand Doctors
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 “As of January 1, 2021, according to statistical data in the health care system, taking into account all departments, 262,200 medical workers worked, including 76,443 doctors, 185,757 paramedical workers.

As of November 1, 2021, the shortage of doctors amounted to 3,947 staff units (of which the city - 2,903 staff units, in the countryside - 1,044 staff units),” said Alexey Tsoi, Minister of Health of Kazakhstan, KAZTAG reports. 
According to the minister, the greatest shortage of doctors has been recorded in Kostanay - 477 staff units, Akmola - 337 staff units, West Kazakhstan - 298 staff units and North Kazakhstan regions - 294 staff units, Nur-Sultan city - 283 staff units, Mangistau - 276 staff units, Almaty - 262 staff units and East Kazakhstan regions - 256 staff units.
In a meantime, the outflow of medical personnel from Kazakhstan to foreign states has increased within nine months.

“For the period January-September 2021, external migration amounted to 699 medical workers, and 227 medical workers arrived (replacement rate 32%). The rate of turnover of medical personnel abroad (699 people) exceeds last year's figure for the same period by 1.2 times (last year's figure of 561 people),” Minister said.