12.Aug .2020 18:42

Khashuri Bypass Road to be Opened in the Second Half of August

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The construction of the Khashuri bypass road, which is part of the East-West Highway (E60) within Zemo Osiauri-Chumateteli project, is nearing completion. In the second half of August, Khashuri will have a four-lane cement-concrete bypass highway.

Pursuant to the Contract, the construction of the Khashuri bypass road was to be completed by July 31, however, due to the circumstances created by the Coronavirus pandemic, the contractor was scheduled to complete the project in October of the current year.

Considering the importance of the Khashuri bypass road for the comfortable and safe traffic movement from east to west, at the end of August, a 4-lane road will be opened at 11.5 km from the 13 km section of this road, while the remaining 1.5 km will be temporarily 2-lane. The construction of 2 additional lanes on the remaining 1.5 km of road will be completed in October and all 13 km of Khashuri bypass road will be 4-lane.

A new road will start at the last section of Agara-Zemo Osiauri road and will link to the new road at the new interchange of Surami. A 420m bridge, distinguished with the highest piers in Georgia was constructed at this section.

Khashuri bypass is a part of Zemo Osiauri-Chumateleti road. After completion of the both lots, the road will reach Rikoti Pass. The mentioned road will allow to bypass Khashuri, Surami, Chumateleti from the north and go out at the Rikoti tunnel. Within the project a four- lane cement-concrete road, 21 bridges, 5 tunnels, reinforced-concrete underpasses, culverts and drainage systems will be constructed.

As for the construction of a 6.4 km road on the second section of the Zemo Osiauri-Chumateleti road, the selection-evaluation processes of bids are currently underway.

Zemo Osiauri-Chumateleti section is part of the country's main transit highway. An operation of this section will boost the capacity of the highway and the level of the road safety, while the travel time will be reduced.