07.May .2019 00:13

Kobulia: Government was Making Damaging Decisions

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Former Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia, Giorgi Kobulia gave an interview to Forbes Georgia editor Giorgi Isakadze. Ex-minister Kobulia explained the reasons behind his resignation and conflict with the government. He also admitted that he did not resign by his own will.

According to Kobulia, Government of Georgia was making damaging decisions both politically and economically. He also added that the projects that he thought were right have always been blocked by the inner circles of rulling party. 

Former Economy Minister says that he did not manage to learn the "rules of the game", during which decisions were being made – decisions which, as he says, were not oriented towards the welfare and which hindered the implementation of right projects. Kobulia stated that this is the reason he for his resignation.

“I am not planning to speak of further details nor now neither in future, because I don’t think that this would be professional from my side. Moreover, I have to say that there were decisions which were not oriented towards achieving economic results and were damaging for the ruling party politically. I was against such decisions and this was one of the reasons for the conflict. There were decisions which I considered as right, but I could not make any, because I did not have enough support”, stated Kobulia.

Former Economy Minister also stated that he did not leave his position by his own will. Kobulia stated that he was asked to leave the post for more than a month and during this period he was trying to convince the governmental team in the truthfulness of his economic vision, however, he could not manage to do so.
On the question whether he regrets taking up the position of the Minister Kobulia responded the following:

“I am speaking with absolute honesty when I am saying that I haven’t regretted this decision for a second, because I still think that I have had my share of contribution to the development of the country and this experience was very unique for me. I’ve met a lot of interesting and good people and I want to thank them for working with me for 8 months. This was an unforgettable experience, I don’t regret it”, stated Kobulia.

Prime Minister of Georgia, Mamuka Bakhtadze made the decision to replace Girogi Kobulia with Natia Turnava 2 weeks ago. Before becoming the Minister, Turnava served as the Deputy Minister of Economy.