02.Mar .2021 13:00

Legal entities now able open accounts with ProCredit Bank remotely

Legal entities now able open accounts with ProCredit Bank remotely
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ProCredit Bank in now offering legal entities the possibility of opening accounts remotely. Through innovative video identification, customers can open an account and register for services without going to the bank in person, thus completely replacing the need to go to a physical bank branch with a technological alternative.

It is worth noting that customers can complete the identification process from anywhere via video call. In order to make a call, clients are required to go through a simple procedure, have an up-to-date mobile phone or a computer with a camera and microphone, and be connected to the Internet.

Customer video identification is carried out using certified software and only takes a few minutes. In addition to filling out an application, the customer must download the ProCredit Bank myDIRECT app for Android or iOS for the purpose of being issued an ID number.

ProCredit Bank introduced its innovative video identification method in March 2020. Initially, the service was available to private clients only. Owing to the further development of the project, the bank has begun to offer its customers online registration for services in addition to opening an account. As of 2021, legal entities can now also access comprehensive account services, thus providing increased convenience along with the efficient use of time.