17.Mar .2023 20:00

Liquid assets of Azerbaijan's banking sector near $10B

Liquid assets of Azerbaijan's banking sector near $10B
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As of January 1 of this year, the liquid assets of the banking sector of Azerbaijan stood at 17.2 billion manats ($9.98 billion) and constituted 36.6% of the sector's assets, reads the report on the activities of the Cabinet of Ministers in 2022.

The document states that the instant liquidity ratio of the sector is 59.9%, almost 2 times exceeding the minimum requirement (30%).

54% of liquid assets (US$5.4 billion) were in foreign currency.

The structure of liquid assets is as follows: 29% in Nostro accounts (5 billion manats ($2.9 billion), 31% in government securities (5.4 billion manats (3.17$ billion), 29% in correspondent accounts in the Central Bank of Azerbaijan (4.9 billion manats ($2.88 billion) and 11% in cash funds (2 billion manats ($1.17 billion), Report informs.