16.Apr .2022 10:00

Market Value Of Georgia Capital Is About USD 400 MLN – Gamkrelidze

Market Value Of Georgia Capital Is About USD 400 MLN – Gamkrelidze

Nikoloz Gamkrelidze, Deputy General Director of Georgia Capital declares, that market capitalization of the holding is about USD 400 million.

As he noted, Georgia Capital is the only company today, which is presented on the international stock exchange from Georgia, as well as from the whole region.

"This is a company that invests in fragmented sectors, which can be consolidated and institutionalized, and then monetized. We are in healthcare, insurance, pharmacy, education, energy, wine and beer sector and real estate. Our values and vision that we promote institutionalization do not change. But the strategy needs to change depending on the conditions. The environment has been very changeable all over the world for the last few years, so this has led us to reconsider our directions", said Nikoloz Gamkrelidze, who will be the CEO of the holding from 2023.

The statement published on the London Stock Exchange by investors on May 9 states that "Georgia Capital" will have an updated strategy from 2022 onwards. Georgia Capital will focus on less capital investments, update its capital management framework and base its strategy on ESG standards.