28.Dec .2020 17:00

Narmania Claims GNERC Will Make "Objective Decision" In Setting Electricity Tariff

Narmania Claims GNERC Will Make "Objective Decision" In Setting Electricity Tariff
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Georgian National Energy and Water Supply Regulatory Commission (GNERC) must set a new electricity tariff before the end of 2020, as the current consumer tariff set for a period of 3 years on January 1, 2018, expires. The new tariff will come into force from January 2021.

The National Commission for Energy and Water Supply will discuss electricity tariffs tomorrow.

Until the GNERC announces the relevant decision, the company "Energo-Pro Georgia" announces that a significant increase in electricity tariffs is inevitable.

The GNERC Chairman David Narmania says that the regulator’s decision will be objective and based not a company’s statements but on specific rules and formulas for calculating tariffs.

"The GNERC has completed the audit. We have all the basic parameters at hand. At tomorrow's session, the commission will discuss the issue and make an objective and balanced decision. In any case, our decision will be objective and approved parameters will be focused on quality and safe energy supply.

We have constant disputes with companies. Their task is to consider as much as possible, however we have our agenda, formulas, specific rules of calculation and therefore we make an objective decision. We will allow companies to fix the requirements again tomorrow, we will respond adequately and make an objective decision,” said David Narmania.