27.Jan .2021 10:00

Natia Turnava: We have mostly open economy

Natia Turnava: We have mostly open economy
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Natia Turnava, Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development declared, that the government explained the logic of the Coordination Council’s final decisions related to the lifting business restrictions. The meeting was attended by the economic team, Amiran Gamkrelidze and Health Minister Ekaterine Tikaradze.

According to Natia Turnava, this criterion is transparent and understandable for business. She notes that positive epidemic curve is necessary for full opening of the economy.

Turnava declares, that restaurants with open spaces and schools will be opened from February 1 in Adjara.

"Non-food retail chains will also open across the country. Markets will be opened soon, and this is a very bold first step. Despite the fact that vaccination is started in the world, the pandemic is not overcome yet, so Europe and not only Europe gradually apply restrictions”, Turnava declares.

Economy minister notes that there is no guarantee and the country takes very cautious steps in terms of economy opening.

“We explain the logic to the business and we think that this logic is clear for them. Maybe this logic does not give much to some family hotels, because they are really in trouble, the winter season failed, and they cannot fully host guests, but it is clear that closing them is not our will,” said the Minister.

Turnava added the government would ease the restrictions gradually per the epidemiological situation.

"We have mostly open economy. We did not impose restrictions on industry, food trade, agriculture, mining and processing industry, but now we are talking about the sectors which bear high risk and we are opening them now," said Natia Turnava.

According to her, the positive sign is that flights will resume from February 1 and all restrictions on regular flights will be lifted. Turnava notes, that the meetings with tour operators are scheduled this week to discuss the ways for attracting COVID-vaccinated tourists.