03.May .2022 15:15

NBG Governor Participated In Insurance Day Event

NBG Governor Participated In Insurance Day Event
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May 2 marks Insurance Day in Georgia, at the initiative of the National Bank of Georgia and the State Insurance Supervision Service of Georgia. The event enjoys the support of the Georgian Association of Insurance Companies and the kind involvement of the insurance sector. The idea of ​​establishing an Insurance Day came up during the discussion of projects to be implemented under the National Financial Education Strategy. The goal of the event is to raise public awareness on insurance.

At the Insurance Day event held at the Biltmore Hotel, Koba Gvenetadze, Governor of the National Bank of Georgia, pinpointed the importance of raising public awareness on insurance and financial education.

"Financially educated consumers have better understanding of the essence of financial issues and products. They are equipped with the knowledge, ability and, most importantly, the reliance to make informed choices and responsible decisions. They know whom to contact for help and make effective decisions to improve their financial well-being. Hence, raising the level of financial education is important not only for the consumers, but also for the financial sector, who will then deal with knowledgeable and responsible consumers. Looking at all this on a larger scale, it will ultimately convey positive changes for the country, since this process is crucial in forming the contemporary sound economic environment," - said Koba Gvenetadze.

The Insurance Day event was attended by representatives of the National Bank of Georgia, the State Insurance Supervision Service, the Association of Insurance Companies and 18 insurance companies.

The Financial Education Portal of the National Bank of Georgia www.finedu.gov.ge, as well as social networks will be covering insurance topics as part of the Insurance Week starting from May 2, providing interested parties with exciting educational and intellectual content related to insurance.