21.Feb .2020 17:14

New rates will be introduced for ophthalmology within 2 weeks – what Ekaterine Tikaradze means

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“Not only ophthalmology, but new resolution will be introduced for additional 7 directions”, - Ekaterine Tikaradze, minister of Health has responded BM.Ge.

The minister did not specify the terms, but declared that changed would be made within 2 weeks.

-As of the disseminated news, introduction of a new document like Resolution 520 is planned for ophthalmology. Do you confirm it?

-Not only ophthalmology, we plan to introduce new resolution for seven other directions. Several groups work related to that issue. A several teams should be set up by the end of the week and they will consider the tariffs. We will have new resolution within two weeks.

-Will the rates be declined in ophthalmology as well?

-Our goal is not to reduce tariffs. Even in Resolution 520, there are several diseases, which funding is grown, but the focus is not made on it.

-Besides the ophthalmology, in which directions new tariffs would be introduced?

-Let’s wait for two weeks.