07.Dec .2022 13:00

New Space Of Your Royal House And Cloud Nine Gallery Was Opened In Axis Towers

New Space Of Your Royal House And Cloud Nine Gallery Was Opened In Axis Towers
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A new space of Your Royal House and Cloud Nine Gallery was opened in Axis Towers, where brands with many years of history, quality and outstanding design are presented.

Your Royal House combines kitchen and cooking items of European brands. The space exclusively presents the products of world-renowned brands such as: Peugeot, Stolzle, Revol, Dunoon, Dartington, Arthur Price, Bauscher, Royal Crown Derby, Steelite and others.

The new space also presents the collection of Cloud Nine Gallery, which offers customers products of the best brands for a comfortable sleep. High-quality orthopedic mattresses, made of 100% cotton, kitchen and bathroom towels, robes, bed linen - CLOUD NINE, Raha, De Witte Lietaer brand collections can be purchased exclusively at the Cloud Nine Callery store.

"Most of our brands serve the HOReCa sector. There was a demand from customers to buy good quality products. That's why we decided to bring HoReCa sector brands for retail as well. Before we took over the retail market, we had several private orders from families who heard about the quality of these products," HSS co-founder Eric Kazakhetsian said.

"Currently, the share of retail sales has increased to 20-25%. In the case of mattresses, the number of individual orders has also increased - we partner with factories and make mattresses of any shape and size for customers," said Tamaz Tavadze, co-founder of HSS.

The first store of Your Royal House was opened in 2015 and offers Georgian customers exclusively European items of more than 100 brands. In addition to the new space in "Axis Towers", the collections can be purchased in the "Galeria Tbilisi" store and online at www.yourroyalhouse.ge.