10.Dec .2020 19:00

Pertaia: “Investors Make Decisions Based on Access to Qualified Staff”

Pertaia: “Investors Make Decisions Based on Access to Qualified Staff”
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The President of the Georgian Chamber of Commerce, Giorgi Pertaia, participated in the online conference planned within the framework of the Vocational Education Week.
As bm.ge was informed from the Chamber of Commerce, the meeting participants discussed the challenges of vocational education in the times of Covid-19 and local and international trends in education and employment.
"Investors decide to invest in the country based on several key factors, particularly the political and economic situation of the country, taxes, and the availability of skilled workers. Today, the supply-demand gap between the business and education systems is overlooked. Our goal is to match supply and demand in the labor market.
In this process, the Chamber of Commerce has a role to play. Promoting vocational education is one of the main functions of the Chamber. "We are working with the Ministry of Education and international donor organizations in this direction and will start implementing various projects, including the establishment of a Skills Agency, which will be a leading agency in terms of vocational education," - said Giorgi Pertaia.

Vocational Education Week was organized by the Ministry of Education and supported by the EU Delegation to Georgia Skills4Jobs.