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Geofresh: Georgian Asparagus is highly demanded

Geofresh: Georgian Asparagus is highly demanded
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Company "Geofresh" started production of asparagus on a land area of 13 ha in Sagarejo in 2016. The investment volume amounts to 1 million GEL. "Geofresh" also produces blueberries and employs over 50 locals during the harvesting period.
Salome Kveliashvili, Assistant Director of Geofresh, told Forbes Week that the demand and price of asparagus has increased on both foreign and local markets.
"We are trying to increase the volume of the crop according to the demand. In 2020 we received a harvest of 12 tons of asparagus, this year we are already expecting a harvest of 25 tons. The demand is so great that we cannot fully satisfy the foreign market.

Georgian consumers like asparagus as a healthy food. As for the price, it is really growing, we sell our goods to foreign partners for 6-7 USD, while to the Georgian market for 15-16 GEL, which is 2-3 USD and 2-3 GEL more compared to 2020. This is partly due to the pandemic because we had to cut prices. I think the product has a more real value now,” said the entrepreneur.

According to Geofresh, they are mainly focused on exports.
"We export 70-80% of the asparagus in Russia, because it is the most convenient location in terms of transportation, as asparagus are sold in a raw form. We are also negotiating with Europe and Dubai to expand the export area. We hope to select a convenient transportation option so that the asparagus can remain healthy," said the Assistant Director.
Asparagus exports from Georgia were up by 93.3% in 2020 compared to 2019.