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Real Wages 6.5% Up in Kazakhstan

Real Wages 6.5% Up in Kazakhstan
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In the IV quarter 2020 the average monthly nominal wage per employee was US$ 550 (233136 tenge). The index of nominal wages for the corresponding quarter of 2019 was 114.3%, in real term–106.5%.
In the industry structure, the highest nominal wages were recorded in the mining industry and the development of quarries–US$ 1,113 (472.2 thousand tenge), which is 2.0 times higher than the national average, in financial and insurance activities – US$ 996 (422.6 thousand tenge), 1.8 times higher, in the area of professional, scientific and technical activities – US$ 895 (379.9 thousand tenge), in 1.6 times higher, in the area information and communication – US$ 751 (318.6 thousand tenge), in 1.4 times, respectively, Bureau of National statistics of Kazakhstan reports.
The lowest level of average monthly nominal wages were in the supply, waste collection, treatment and disposal, pollution elimination activities – US$ 343 (145.7 thousand tenge) and in agriculture, forestry and fisheries – US$ 348 (147.7 thousand tenge).
In the regional context, the highest average monthly nominal wage was in the Atyrau region – US$ 890 (377.4 thousand tenge), which is 1.6 times higher than the national average. In the Turkіstan region, its value was US$ 393 (166.7 thousand tenge), which is 28,5% lower than the national average.