27.Mar .2023 17:00

Restaurant Barbarestan Increased Employee Wages By 20-25%

Restaurant Barbarestan Increased Employee Wages By 20-25%
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Zviad Kurasbediani, the founder of the restaurant Barbarestan says, that the restaurant increased salaries by at least 20-25% after the pandemic. According to him, this was still not the amount that the employee should take.

As the owner of the restaurant notes, as soon as the turnover in the business increases, while the inflation decreases the salary of the employees will be revised again.

"Post-Covid inflation was high, and it became necessary to increase salaries for the employees. I think, thier salaries should be increased further. I prefer a satisfied employee because he is always productive at work. Tourist flows have increased and the forecast is even better this year. The restaurant cannot increase the service prices, because inflation affects people directly. If I raise the salary again in this situation, the business will go bankrupt", says the owner of the restaurant.