30.Apr .2020 16:08

Roads Department of Georgia: construction of Rikoti Pass Road is actively progressing

Roads Department of Georgia: construction of Rikoti Pass Road is actively progressing
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Construction of bridges and tunnels at Rikoti pass road intensively continues. It should be noted that the works are carried out in compliance with the special recommendations developed by the Ministry of Health (MOH) under the direction of the Interagency Council established by the Prime Minister to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus. Thermal screening are used at construction sites and all safety measures are considered in order to comply with all required recommendations and precautions for virus spread, as well as work safety regulations.

Management of Roads Department periodically carries out monitoring of constructions sites. For the time being, construction works are progressing at 11.7 km long Chumateleti-Khevi section, 12,2 km long Khevi-Ubisa section and 13 km long Ubisa-Shorapani section of Rikoti pass road. Considering the forth, Shorapani-Argveta section, contract is already awarded and the works will commence in the immediate future.

In total, construction of about 51.6 km road is planned under construction of Rikoti pass road, which includes 96 bridges and 53 tunnels. Completion of Rikoti pass road is scheduled by 2022-2023.

Modernization of Rikoti pass section is essential in terms of development of road network and compliance with modern standards. New road considers all modern safety standards, while its parameters ensure doubling the speed in full compliance with safety, thus eventually result in halving the travel time by completion of East-West corridor. If today, covering of distance between Red Bridge and Sarpi takes 8 hours, in future it will need 4-4.5 hours.