26.Sep .2021 22:00

Russia to Increase Share of Low-Carbon Energy Sources to 90% by 2035 — Deputy PM

Russia to Increase Share of Low-Carbon Energy Sources to 90% by 2035 — Deputy PM
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Low-carbon energy sources will account for 90% of all energy sources in Russia by 2035, Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak said speaking at a high-level dialogue meeting on energy held as part of the UN General Assembly.
"Thanks to the state support, the share of renewable energy sources in the Russian energy balance is growing. Also, solutions are being developed to use clean energy sources for hard-to-reach regions of the country. We expect the share of carbon-free energy sources (hydroelectric power plants, renewable energy sources, and nuclear power plants) in the energy balance to increase to 45% by 2035, and the share of low-carbon energy sources will reach 90%," he said.
According to him, Russia's energy balance is already one of the most advanced of the world's largest economies. About 87% of the electricity generated in Russia comes from carbon-free or low-carbon sources.

"Of these, 46% is natural gas is the "cleanest" of all fossil fuels. 41% is taken by carbon-free generation - these are hydroelectric power plants, nuclear power plants, and energy generated on the basis of renewable energy sources," he added.

Novak noted that natural gas will remain one of the main types of energy in the global energy balance for a long time due to its environmental friendliness. In this regard, Russia will continue to diversify its natural gas supplies, including LNG. "We expect to increase LNG production to 140 million tonnes per year by 2035," he added.