25.Jan .2022 17:30

Russian Gas Imports To Georgia Up By 108% In 2021

Russian Gas Imports To Georgia Up By 108% In 2021
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The volume of Russian natural gas imports to Georgia sharply increased in 2021.

Georgia imported Russian gas worth USD 77 million in 2021, which is 108% more comparing to the imports in 2020. Such a large increase in the imports of Russian gas has not been observed in the past years.

In return, natural gas imports from Azerbaijan fell by USD 6.2 million (2.4%) to USD 256 million.

If in 2020 the share of Russian natural gas was 12.2% in total imports, the figure reached 23.1% in 2021.

In more detail, the statistics are as follows:

• In 2021 - total gas imports were USD 333 million, including Azerbaijan gas - USD 256 million, Russian gas - USD 77 million;
• In 2020 - total gas imports were USD 302 million, including Azerbaijan gas - USD 262 million, Russian gas - USD 36.9 million and Armenian gas – USD 3.2 million.

The main supplier of gas to Georgia is Azerbaijan. According to the agreement signed with state-owned oil company SOCAR and the Shah Deniz Consortium, Georgia receives gas at a reduced price for the social sector and thermal power plants through the North-South Main Gas Pipeline. The pipeline can supply 2.2-2.3 billion cubic meters of gas annually and it is the main gas supplier for Armenia.

Until 2015, Georgia received gas transit fee in kind, but later Gazprom insisted on monetization of the fee and since then the transit fee is paid by the Russian "Gazprom Export" to Georgia in cash. However, the amount of payment is a commercial secret.