30.Sep .2022 13:00

Why Is LPG Gas Price Up?

Why Is LPG Gas Price Up?
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Cargo shipments at the Larsi checkpoint are disrupted due to the increasing flow of citizens from the Russian Federation. Last week, companies were not able to import liquefied gas in Georgia, which caused a shortage in the market.

Liquid gas is no longer available in a part of the gas stations, while in the other part the price has increased from GEL 1.50 to 2.20 GEL, and in some cases, it reached GEL 2.40.

Nika Khoperia, the head of the Liquid Gas Association says that there has been no price increase from Russia, the only reason for the sharp increase is the shortage on the market, which should probably be filled in the following days.

"90% of liquefied gas enters Georgia from Lari Checkpoint. Now, as there are delays and large numbers of people, trucks are unable to get out, this has created a shortage, the situation should probably stabilize in 4-5 days and the crisis will be over.

There was no objective reason for the price increase, the supply price did not increase, it is simply a shortage. The fact that drivers are now stuck for 2 weeks instead of 3-4 days increases the cost of transportation, but it is not so noticeable that it should be reflected so sharply. As soon as the situation stabilizes and imports resume, the price will return to the old level," Nika Khoperia, head of the Liquid Gas Association told BMG.