14.Mar .2022 15:30

Society Is Much More Conscious Than You - President Criticizes Gov’t and Opposition

Society Is Much More Conscious Than You - President Criticizes Gov’t and Opposition
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President of Georgia criticized the government of Georgia and opposition, noting that the society is much more conscious than they. Today President of Georgia Salome Zourabichvili delivered her speech in the Parliament.

As the President noted, today, not only Ukraine, but the whole world is facing the hardest days, but the fight of Ukraine, whether victorious or not, is already successful, because these events have opened the eyes of the world.

"Undoubtedly, the unprecedented international solidarity and unity is Ukraine's merit. Undoubtedly, the unprecedented unanimity and firmness of the European Union, the joint actions of the United States and Europe are Ukraine's merit. The already isolated Russia today and weakened Russia tomorrow is also the merit of Ukraine.

Today is a turning point for everyone, including Georgia, because today we are facing big challenges that may become even more acute tomorrow. Yet at the same time, as a rule, crises and wars bring new opportunities along with challenges. New paths are opening up. On this new path, Georgia must take its place right now. We need to understand what is happening and prepare for every possible development of events. We should not sit idle and wait. This is the obligation of all who sit here! Time is running out! If we are not prepared for new events, threats and opportunities - this time will not come back!

That is why, I do not understand and cannot tolerate the fact that today, at such a crucial stage, when we are at this crossroad, instead of ending quarrels, destructive confrontation and polarization, those of you gathered here forget what is reflected on our coat of arms: "Power is in unity"!

The society is much more conscious, brave and, most importantly, united than you.

Today I see the signs of national consent in people, although I do not see it in you yet. Don’t you understand what responsibility you have before your people?!" Zourabichvili said.