12.Jan .2021 11:00

“Such decisions of the Gov’t overturn everything” – Retail Group Georgia

“Such decisions of the Gov’t overturn everything” – Retail Group Georgia
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The Government's decision to extend restrictions until February 1 was unexpected to the business sector. Revaz Magalashvili, director of Retail Group Georgia said there was no communication with the government this year; the only meetings were held in November and December 2020 and then, the decision was taken to lift the targeted restrictions on 18 January 2021. Director of Retail Group Georgia said government’s inconsistent decisions put everything upside down for his company, including their business activity, relationships with partners and investors.

"We expected opening on January 18 in accordance with the announced plan. Our hope was strengthened by the praise that the sector received from the government for the pre-New Year opening. And on the other hand, the epidemiological situation in the country had also improved" - Maghalashvili explained.

However, rules have changed unexpectedly as business says and now they hear that the restrictions won't be lifted until February 1.

"In general, such decisions do not give us the time to prepare, because when we follow a 2-month plan and tell investors that we will open on that day and then the date changes, everything turns upside down. We must have time to adjust“, - Magalashvili said.