29.Oct .2020 10:15

Tamuna Tandashvili: “When No One Knew How to Manage the Virus, We Survived”

Tamuna Tandashvili: “When No One Knew How to Manage the Virus, We Survived”

"Georgians are a bit of a pretentious people. If the borders had been opened so far and the number of infected people had risen sharply, they would have panicked and blamed the government for endangering our lives", a representative of the Tourism Alliance, Tamuna Tandashvili stated. She said the government's flaw was to create the wrong expectations as people took on credit commitments and started rebuilding businesses.

"When government decisions become unpopular and are constantly criticized, then no matter what they do, we do not like them. Let's look at the picture a little optimistically. In the first stage, when no one knew how to manage the virus, we survived. Now there is more information and experience in the world. The country could have used the "green status" more effectively, but gaining and losing this status depends on the epidemiological situation of health care and not on the government's wrong decisions. I do not know what the risks would be if there were a vast number of infections in a country with 'green status' while not know how to manage the crisis," Tamuna Tandashvili said.

Let us remind you that the European Union has removed Georgia from the list of safe countries connected with the increased cases of coronavirus. Simultaneously, according to the Government of Georgia's decision, from November 1, regular air traffic will be restored in 10 directions. These are Doha, Warsaw, Athens, Amsterdam, Vienna, Berlin, Milan, Katowice, Vilnius, and Dortmund.