13.May .2021 00:00

Tech Giants Earn Fortunes by the Minute

Tech Giants Earn Fortunes by the Minute
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Amazon really is a money machine. According to a report by CNBC, the online retailer generates revenues of more than $800,000 every single minute.
Other GAFAM companies trail somewhat behind. Closest to the Amazon money-making machine are Apple’s earnings at almost $700,000 per minute. Google’s parent company Alphabet has to make do with just around $420,000 coming into its coffers every minute, while Microsoft’s revenue is just more than $320,000 per minute. Facebook is the smallest GAFAM company revenue-wise, but still makes more than $200,000 every minute.
Tesla and Netflix also have ambitions to get into the top five of high-speed earners. However, Tesla is still around $120,000 behind Facebook and would have to more than double its revenue to overtake it. Netflix’s by-the-minute earnings seem rather tame at just $55,000. Considering the rapid development of these tech companies over the past few years, however, there is little doubt that revenues will continue to grow in the near future.