08.Mar .2022 11:00

As Promised, We Have Started Reducing Medication rices - PM

As Promised, We Have Started Reducing Medication rices - PM
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As promised, we have started reducing medication prices, opening up the Turkish market on the condition that only high-quality GMP-standard pharmaceuticals will be imported, Georgian Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili stated during the Cabinet meeting yesterday.

According to the Head of Government, medicaments are already in Georgia, with several most demanded medication types available for sale at pharmacies.

"Top-selling medications like cardiovascular drugs are available at 48 GEL, as opposed to 220 GEL before. In most cases, prices are down 60-80%, or at least reduced by half. We are really excited about it, and I would like to thank Minister Zurab Azarashvili for his hard work and engagement. Today, he is departing for Turkey to meet his counterpart and bring back even more benefits. In addition, registration applications on hundreds of different types of medications have been filed with the Ministry, and this process will be expedited to ensure an even timelier replacement of all medications, allowing the population to choose more affordable drugs. Most importantly, we said from the outset that our key requirement was quality, and this quality has been ensured. Every medication imported from Turkey meets GMP standards. Presently, Minister Azarashvili is working hard to create a medication quality laboratory in the country, to make sure that every medication, manufactured locally or imported, meets top-quality requirements, and we will maximally control this process," the Prime Minister said.