16.Jan .2020 17:04

The Union of Oil Product Importers: fuel import has been at a high level in 2019

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The Union of Oil Product Importers declares that fuel import is sustained at a high level.

According to the information provided by the Union of Oil Product Importers, the import of petrol and diesel fuel amounted to 1096,0 thousand tons in Georgia, which is 2,9 thousand t i.e. 0,26% less than comparing to the same period of 2018 (1098,9 thousand tons).

Including, the import of petrol fuel amounted to 544,3 thousand t (up 2,3% or 0,42% compared to the same period last year), while the import of diesel fuel amounted to 551,7 thousand t. (decrease is 5,2 thousand t i.e. 0,93% if compared to the same period of the last year).

According to the categories of fuel type, import of the petrol has made up in 2019: A-91 regular mark gasoline – 355,6 thousand t or 65,3%; A-95 premium brand petrol – 176,9 thousand t or 32.5%, A-98 super brand petrol – 11,8 thousand t or 2,2%.

According to the countries, the largest volume of gasoline and diesel fuel imports has been made from Russia - 329.9 thousand tons, or 30.1% of total imports. Then follows: Romania: 300.0 thousand tons (27.4%), Azerbaijan - 170.2 thousand tons (15.5%), Turkmenistan - 119.4 thousand tons (10.9%); Bulgaria - 92.4 thousand tons (8.4%), Greece - 60.7 thousand tons (5.5%), Turkey - 19.8 thousand tons (1.8%) and others.