25.Jun .2021 16:30

This Year Is A Year Of Economic Recovery - PM

This Year Is A Year Of Economic Recovery - PM
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The last one year has been a year of special challenges and difficulties for our country, as well as for the whole world. Of course, it is unfortunate that a global pandemic has claimed many lives. Apart from the humanitarian crisis, the pandemic has caused an unprecedented global economic crisis, which has severely affected the well-being of each of our fellow citizens, - said Prime Minister Irakli Gharibashvili, while presenting a report and a ten-year development plan to parliament.

"It was in these difficult conditions that I was given this responsible position 3 months ago. An extensive overview of the reporting period was recently sent to you. Once again, let us briefly summarize the activities of the government during this period.

Due to the pandemic, our economy shrank by 6.2% last year. However, we did not stop for a moment the infrastructure projects, the agricultural works, the important fields of production did not stop. The state, in the form of various direct aids or benefits, has provided maximum assistance to entrepreneurs and employed people.

In a short period of time, we have attracted funding of two billion one hundred million US dollars from international financial institutions. This made it possible to fully fund pandemic response measures and maintain macroeconomic stability.

We have developed a powerful package of health, social and business support measures. Health spending totaled $ 900 million. Business support - 3.0 billion GEL. Citizens' social protection measures amounted to one billion three hundred million GEL. This year is a year of economic recovery with a reduction in the impact of the pandemic. I remind you that the 70 percent increase in exports in April exceeded the data before the pandemic and clearly indicates a tendency to improve" - said Irakli Gharibashvili.

According to the Prime Minister, the country is developing transit and logistics potential, transport infrastructure, integration into international transport networks continues and Georgia is establishing itself as a regional hub.