07.Dec .2021 16:30

Top Three Priorities For The State Budget 2022 -The Minister

Top Three Priorities For The State Budget 2022 -The Minister
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Georgian Finance Minister Lasha Khutsishvili names the main priorities for 2022 budget.

According to him, draft budget for 2022 is focused on economic growth, healthcare and social issues.

"Next year's budget clearly identifies 2 main directions. There is an increase in all directions, though I will single out 2 main directions. These are incentives to accelerate economic growth, such as various programs in the entrepreneurial direction, as well as a significant increase in capital expenditures. Capital expenditures depend on what kind of growth the country will have, as it makes the largest contribution to economic growth.

The second direction is healthcare. The pandemic and the risks associated with it are practically the biggest risk that economic growth could have in the coming years. We have reflected the relevant expenses in the budget in this direction, we have purchased vaccines and I think that the funds allotted to this direction will be appropriately used for the next year.

In addition, there is a social direction, which is also grown, including pensions and social assistance. I think these areas are very important directions", - said Lasha Khutsishvili.