23.Apr .2020 21:49

Visa informed banks of the mechanism to process transactions with expired cards

Visa informed banks of the mechanism to process transactions with expired cards
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Visa provided guidance to merchants, issuers and acquirers for operations with expired cards during COVID-19 pandemic to ensure that all Visa cardholders in Georgia can use their cards for payments without interruptions. During this period, Visa encourages issuers not to decline transactions on cards with expired date and check that their host is configured to accept transactions from expired cards.

If the issuer host is available, issuers should make decisions on the transaction depending on host setup, available funds and account standing. Additionally, if the issuer host is unavailable, on an issuer’s approved instructions, Visa may make changes to the settings to disable validation of the card expiration date. Visa cardholders with expired cards should contact their issuing banks to check on the operations with their cards.

“Recognizing the challenges banks may experience with reissuing and delivering cards to their cardholders during pandemic, Visa reminded our client-banks in Georgia of the authorization requirements should a cardholder present an expired card. As Visa we can and will support transactions even with expired date to help our client- banks manage the cards logistics and Visa cardholders pay with Visa - securely and conveniently as usual. We recommend banks to check the configuration on their side and are ready to work with all our client-banks to support the mechanism of processing transactions with expired cards”, said Cristina Doros, Visa’s country manager for the Caucasus region.