22.Sep .2021 16:30

We Are Not Discussing Compulsory Vaccination – Minister of Health

We Are Not Discussing Compulsory Vaccination – Minister of Health
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"We are not really having a discussion about compulsory vaccination at this stage," the health minister told reporters after the opening of an outpatient clinic in the village of Mukhrovani in Gardabani municipality.
She said that the current consulting resources in the primary health care system should be fully used to increase the pace of vaccination.
"We had an expectation that the rate of vaccination would be relatively reduced by this period. Therefore, in this regard, we have increased communication with primary health care physicians, who should conduct intensive communications with the population, which will significantly increase the rate of vaccination. We have had numerous meetings with primary care physicians in the regions who have been given instructions on how to communicate with the population. At the same time, we have an accurate vision of which region and which district has the lowest activity, which is currently guided by primary health care physicians in order to increase the rate of vaccination, "- said the Minister.
Ekaterine Tikaradze emphasized the low rate of vaccination in the population over 60 and noted that primary health care doctors should be active in this social category.
"Vaccination of the population of this age is critical for us, as their hospitalization, resuscitation, and lethality are very high. If this group is not vaccinated, we will have overcrowded hospitalization during the next wave period and a high lethality rate. Today, the vaccination rate in the population over 60 is 21%, which is very low. The activity of primary health care doctors is in demand for this group, ”said Ekaterine Tikaradze.