06.May .2022 13:00

What Are The Challenges In Cargo Shipments?

What Are The Challenges In Cargo Shipments?
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The head of the Georgian Transport and Roads Association declares, that Georgian shipping companies are demanding to become equal to the international shipping companies.

As Davit Meskhishvili told TV-program Business Course, companies that cannot be registered in another country, they enter Georgia and register their business here.

"This is not an easy issue and the involvement of specialists in the transport sector alone is not enough, the involvement of the Ministries of Foreign Affairs is also important. If we agree that Turkey is our partner, then there should be no artificial crisis.

In the case of Armenia, for example, companies registered there can enter Georgia and ship cargo. Companies registered in Georgia are not allowed to enter Armenia and ship cargo to the third country. It is continued for a long time, but a solution is not found it.

A detailed research needs to be done and the main thing our carriers are asking for is equality. This means that a company that is not registered by another country, such as Turkey or Iran, enters Georgia, registers its business and starts cargo shipment. The question is, why did not his own country register him? - Probably could not meet any requirements.

There should be minimum requirements for companies, which will put Georgian and foreign companies in equal conditions. We want to offer concrete recommendations to the Minister of Economy to solve these problems," said Davit Meskhishvili.