14.Sep .2021 12:00

When Will $31 MLN Hilton Garden Inn Open?

When Will $31 MLN Hilton Garden Inn Open?
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Opening of the 14-storey Hilton Garden Inn on Chavchavadze Avenue was scheduled for September-October, Lasha Papashvili, founder of Redix, told BM.GE in July, noting that finding staff for the hotel was a challenge at the time.

Now, the company Redix confirms opening of $ 31 million project, but they cannot specify when the World Brand Hotel will be launched.
Redix declared that COVID-related regulations hit hard the tourism sector, but easing of restrictions gave the chance to the sector to breathe, accurate analysis of processes and as well as hard work yielded results.

“The exact date for the hotel opening is still unknown. The announced opening date often does not coincide with the actual opening date in the large-scale project like Hilton Garden Inn. According to the plan, the approximate period of the hotel opening, as Mr. Lasha said, is September-October. For today we can tell you one and most important thing, everything is going according to plan and there is no reason to be nervous. The whole team feels responsibility and we are preparing for the hotel opening”, - Redix declares.

Accommodation at the Hilton Garden Inn will start at $ 90. The 170-room hotel will offer guests eight conference halls, a Georgian restaurant, a special concept store and a gym service. According to Redix, their guests mostly will be representatives of international and diplomatic agencies.