04.Jun .2021 18:00

When Will “Pfizer” Become Available?

When Will “Pfizer” Become Available?
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"We will soon announce the date when more than a million doses of Pfizer will arrive," Deputy Health Minister Tamar Gabunia told at a news conference at the ministry today.
"The first stage of negotiations with Pfizer is over. We are working on the second stage, and soon we will have the opportunity to introduce specific details to the public. We will soon name the date when more than a million doses of Pfizer will arrive. Work is also underway with Sinopharm, Sinovac to mobilize additional doses and Johnson & Johnson and Novavax from the COVAX platform, Tamar Gabunia said, adding that Novavax is expected to arrive in September.
Gabunia said the country is expecting a fairly large number of vaccines, and the issue of mobilizing additional medical facilities for its administration and including them in the program is being considered.

The institutions involved in the vaccination program, especially in Tbilisi, are not enough to fully meet the demand. Today, the doses of "Sinovac" in Tbilisi are enough, but in some cases, it is not possible to register, to book a queue because there are no vacancies. Therefore, these institutions will be added gradually," said Tamar Gabunia.
As for the vaccination program itself, Gabunia said, it is quite active.
"It is good that recently, up to 5,000 people are vaccinated every day, but if we reach the target by the end of the year - to vaccinate 60% of the population, we will have to vaccinate 20-25,000 people a day. The picture is promising for the supply of vaccines - we have agreements with various suppliers, which makes a total of 3.7 million doses, which we need to vaccinate 60% of the adult population. We will have to think about how much we can increase," - noted the Deputy Minister.