02.Apr .2021 11:30

Which Georgian companies’ shares have the highest price on the LSE?

Which Georgian companies’ shares have the highest price on the LSE?
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Georgia is presented with three companies on the London Stock Exchange. These are Bank of Georgia, TBC Bank and Georgia Capital.

As of today, Bank of Georgia shares has the highest price on the stock exchange since March 16. Per share value of Bank of Georgia PLC totals to 11.16 GBP. Bank share price was 1.45% up and the capitalization of the company reached 540.86 million GBP.

As of March 31, international rating agency Fitch Ratings has revised the outlook on Bank of Georgia (BOG) to Stable from Negative. In addition, Fitch left the “long-term” rating of the bank at “BB- “.

“The revision of the Outlook to Stable on BOG reflects reduced pressure on the bank’s credit profiles from the pandemic and contraction of the Georgian economy. We expect its pre-impairment profits will be sufficient to absorb additional credit losses from the pandemic without jeopardising its financial profiles. Bank entered the crisis with healthy capital cushions and sound performance metrics and we believe the rating of BOG can tolerate further moderate deterioration of asset quality”, Fitch reports.

As for the other companies at the LSE, per-share value of TBC Bank totals to 10.20 GBP. The bank’s share price was 3.66% up last day. As of April 1, per-share value of Georgia Capital amounted to 5.99 GBP, which was 3.99% up.