25.Mar .2022 14:00

Will international companies move from Russia to Georgia?

Will international companies move from Russia to Georgia?
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Irakli Nadareishvili, Deputy Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development declares that large international companies that operated in Russia and Belarus before the war are interested in moving their business to Georgia.

As Nadareishvili told TV-Program Business Morning, concrete positive decisions already exist, and information about the details will be announced next week.

"We are actively working in this direction. We are holding negotiations both investors and local business representatives. Yesterday, we had a meeting with the Board of Investors, as well as representatives of large audit and consulting companies. As a result, we have identified a large number of international companies that are leaving the Russian and Belarusian markets due to the Russia-Ukraine War. Georgia traditionally offers them the opportunities we have in terms of the investment climate.

We are working with the involvement of the private sector and there are specific results and decisions that will be announced next week. International brands’ decisions will help to spread the right messages about the investment climate on the international markets," Nadareishvili said.