27.Apr .2020 18:11

Wine sales have increased 5 times in the UK - Georgian-British startup

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Georgian and British online platform GvinoUK.com started operating a year and half ago and according to Anzor Mantskava, one of the founders, wine sales increased 5 times in the Great Britain after the outbreak of coronavirus.

GvinoUK.com is an online platform created by Georgian and British friends in the UK to promote Georgian wine and culture.

"We didn't need a lot of resources to create a simple website. My British partner came to Georgia and we jointly selected the wines that would be sold in the store. About 1.5 years ago we took 2,500 bottles of wine and stored them in Oxford. Then, we started online marketing with Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and at the exhibitions.

Small amount of wine was sold online from the beginning, because they did not know about Georgian wine. Our wine was basically sold at the exhibitions. Slowly, online sales also began. Now, a day will not pass, without having at least three consumers.

Today, we have left 800 out of 2,500 bottles. If we sold 30 bottles in a month before the virus outbreak, now we sell 150 bottles”, said Anzor Mantskava.