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World’s Best Employers 2021 - Forbes

World’s Best Employers 2021 - Forbes
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American Forbes, in collaboration with analytics platform Statista, publishes a list of technology companies where people dream of starting a career.
According to Forbes, the analytics platform surveyed about 150,000 people from 58 countries around the world who are employed by international companies and organizations, both full-time and part-time.

The analytical platform asked the respondents which company they would like to work for or if they would recommend starting a career with their relatives in the company in which they are employed.
According to Forbes, the first on the list of preferred employers is Samsung Electronics. IBM came second, followed by Microsoft. Also, Amazon and Apple entered the top five preferred employers.
30 Most Wanted Employers:

1. Samsung Electronics
2. IBM
3. Microsoft
4. Amazon
5. Apple
6. Alphabet
7. Dell Technologies
8. Huawei
9. Adobe
10. BMW Group
11. Costco Wholesale
12. Coca-Cola
13. Cisco Systems
14. Adidas
15. Siemens
16. Southwest Airlines
18. Dr. Oetker
19. Dassault Systemes
20. Delta Air Lines
21. IKEA
22. Home Depot
23. Ford Motor
24. Puma
25. Target
26. Decathlon
27. Lockheed Martin
28. Ferrari
29. PayPal
30. Bosch