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A Study Has Been Launched To Identify The Reasons For Declining Indicators - Gov't


Irakli Garibashvili, Prime Minister of Georgia held and led the yet another meeting of the Demographic Council of Georgia within the Government Administration today.

Council Members discussed the current trends and needs of national demography, which are identified in the current setting for the improvement of demographic indicators in Georgia. As noted at the meeting, a study has been launched to identify the reasons for declining indicators, avenues for improvement and barriers that hamper the demographic advancement.

Council Members discussed the alarming statistics of abortions. Need of planning additional measures towards this end has been highlighted at the meeting.

Interagency Work Group Members submitted a package of initiatives developed for the improvement of demographic indicators in the country, including the extension and expansion of current programs, as well as the launch of new ones. The Work Group will be presenting the referred package of initiatives in a more detailed manner at the following meeting of the Demographic Council.