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Armenia's economy needs to prepare for autonomous work because of possible blockade by Russia and Turkey

Central bank of Armenia
05.10.23 12:13

The chairman of the Armenian business union - Mantashyants Entrepreneurs Union - Vahram Mirakyan says Armenia’s economy should start preparing for autonomous work, at least for a year.

"We can not rule out that the Russian-Turkish alliance, having brought the blockade of Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh) to its logical conclusion, will move to blockade Armenia. Russia will punish Armenia for trying to leave its sphere of influence, As for Turkey, its policy of the last 200 years has been to destroy the Armenian factor in the region," Vahram Mirakyan, says in a Facebook post.

He says Armenia should learn lessons from the 1991 economic crisis (followed after the collapse of the former Soviet Union) as well as from the 2023 blockade of Artsakh and prepare for autonomous work - for at least one year.

Mirakyan listed a number of key aspects:

Energy security and autonomy is the first most important factor. Autonomous power generation in Armenia should be brought to the level of meeting domestic needs, primarily through the use of solar, wind and hydropower sources.

This is a very long-term and difficult task, but there is no alternative. In terms of energy security, it is important to encourage police, local and central governing structures, etc. to autonomously produce, store and utilize solar energy.

Food security implies accumulation of an annual stock of cereals (buckwheat, rice, beans, etc.), flour, oil, meat products, dairy products, canned food, baby food and other important products or to meet the need through domestic production.

The third critical point is the possibility of autonomous operation of communication infrastructures. Ukraine has shown the critical importance of satellite Internet and the same should be done in Armenia.

"Private businesses must also be prepared to operate uninterrupted under the blockade for at least three months. We should learn lessons from history," Mirakyan summarizes, ARKA reports.