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Avocados Will Become Cheaper By 10-15% In The Georgian Market - "Eximcrop"

30.05.23 18:00

The first logistics center for Kenyan avocados, managed by the Eximcrop company, was opened in the city of Gori.

Accoridng to Vakhtang Gogaladze, the co-founder of the company, imports can make the products cheaper in the local market. He noted it while visiting TV-Program "Business Morning".

"Kenyan avocados are of very high quality, as well as cheaper compared to other countries. Their cost is about 20% lower compared to Turkish ones, so it can be bought at a lower price, so we think avocados in the local market will become cheaper by 10-15%", - said the head of the company.

The main goal of the importing company is to replace imported avocados in the local market and then re-export the products to Central Asian countries.

Eximcrop's imported avocados are currently represented in the "Nikora" chain, although the company plans to enter other supermarkets gradually.
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