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Basisbank and Telavi Wine Cellar Celebrate 25 Years of Successful Partnership


08.06.23 13:00 187 ნახვა

Wine production is one of the important integral parts of Georgian culture. The history of the Telavi Wine Cellar started out as a small cellar and vineyard back in 1915, producing qvevri wine. The company, as it is now, with innovative methods and the right business partners, has been operating in the market since 1997.

Comprehensive control over the entire production cycle is essential to obtain quality wine. Telavi Wine Cellar owns 300-year-old vineyards in Kondoli and Kudigora and a modern innovative Didkure vineyard planted in 2020 with the newest, innovative method.

The products of the Telavi Wine Cellar are represented in 34 countries. The company produces up to 5 million bottles of wine per year. Their wines have received over 800 awards at prestigious world exhibitions, which serves to strengthen the positive image of Georgian wine in the world market.

“To sustain the success of the company, we partnered with Basisbank as a reliable and steadfast financial institution in 1999. It is Basisbank's reliability, individual approach and the highest quality of service that led to this long-term successful partnership," - Zurab Ramazashvili, founder of Telavi Wine Cellar.

"Georgian wine is our business card in any country of the world. The partnership of Basisbank and Telavi Wine Cellar played an important role in the development of Georgian winemaking, from the economic, cultural and tourist point of view.

Basisbank, as one of the major supporters of businesses, stands by constantly evolving businesses. Telavi wine cellar, our partner for almost three decades, is a clear example of this. Each success of the company has a positive impact on the development of Georgian winemaking,” - Vakhtang Vakhania, Head of Corporate Department of Basisbank.

Video story of partnership of Basisbank and Telavi wine cellar
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